7 secrets to better college research paper writing

College research papers are usually seen as much more difficult than they really are. If you’ve heard of students struggling over their research papers and hating every moment of writing them, you’ve only heard part of the story. There are just as many students successfully writing their research papers for college in an organized way. You just need to know how to prepare and go about writing this paper, and you’ll do great. Doing well on this type of assignment is all in how you do the work, not in the topic or length of the research paper. Here are 7 secrets you can use to make a fantastic college paper.

  • Always start with an outline. Writing one is very simple: look at the instructions from your professor and write down each individual item you’ll be graded on. Write these out in the order they’ll appear in your paper, and then fill the in between places with summaries of what needs to go there. For example, write a sentence or two in your introduction of what your topic is, for each body paragraph, briefly describe what facts you’re going to present, and so forth.
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  • Make researching easier by organizing as you go. Put everything you find in alphabetical, chronological, or order by relevancy as you find each new source. Write your first draft quickly – once you have the first two steps down, all you need to do is get out a really rough version of what you want to say. The smaller amount of time this takes, the better. Don’t worry about how you say it or the words you choose; that’s for the editing stage.
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Talk to your tutor

Talk to your teacher about anything you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to have lots of questions or be unsure about something. Your teacher or professor is there to help you, and since he is the one who’ll be marking your paper, he knows best what will get you a better mark.

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Get a friend to read your paper after it’s done to have a different perspective on the topic and to spot errors. Make sure when you’re editing not to rely just on the word processor’s automatic spell check, because it misses things. Have a parent or a friend who’s good at writing help you with the proofreading.

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Lastly, a better college paper is about being thorough. Look at every source you can find, and explore every angle and subtopic in your writing as possible, as long as it’s still relevant to your main topic. Make sure to cite your sources attentively not to lose easy grade points.

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