A useful tutorial on how to write a college essay

One of the best things about finding useful advice on how to write a college essay is that there is plenty of it. There is no shortage of resource material all of which is designed to help you become better at writing your essays. Of course you have to decide whether the information available is valuable and applicable to your situation. In most cases it is. And here are a number of points you would hear in many a useful tutorial on just how to write a college essay.

  • choice of topic
  • brainstorming
  • feedback
  • taking a holiday
  • editing

The choice of topic will always be the key to you writing a successful college essay. Anyone can write a college essay but you want one of which you are proud and which earns a high if not very high score. You get off to a flying start when you choose a topic which you like. If you have experience in this topic then that is even better. Make sure you have your topic approved by your tutor or professor before you proceed.

Brainstorming is such a simple activity it is amazing that more students do not put it into practice. It involves spending a minute or maybe two minutes writing as many thoughts as possible related to the topic of your essay. If you can involve other people to help in your brainstorming then so much the better. Once all the words have been written down, you go through them and choose those which are relevant to your topic. It's a great way to get ideas for your college essay.

Feedback can be beneficial. But you'll never know if the feedback is good, bad or otherwise unless you ask for it. Finish your college essay and give it to one or more people who are reliable. Ask for their reaction to what you have written. They may come up with one simple idea which really benefits your finished product.

When somebody says ‘take a holiday’ as far as writing a college essay is concerned, they mean when you have finished it, put it aside for a few days and forget all about it. The idea being that when you come back to it, your mind will be fresh and you may see things in a different light; things which you can change and thus improve.

And finally we come to the crucial activity of editing or proofreading. It only takes a short amount of time to go back over what you have written and fix any spelling or grammatical errors and improve a poor flow of writing. That final bit of editing can make a big difference in your favour.

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