Help with research paper: topic suggestions

Research paper topics need to be researchable, interesting and somewhat original. Let some of these original paper ideas prompt you to write something fascinating to investigate, learn and write about:

Social paper

Have cell phones diminished our ability to have meaningful social interaction with each other? There’s a lot of interesting research about ‘cell phone addiction’, the symptoms of which is quite apparent in many people. This is a subject that is mostly unheard of and requires further research to dig into a little bit deeper.

History paper

Discuss the ancient soap opera that existed between Caesar Augustus and his family. This adopted son of Julius Caesar not only forced Octavian to divorce his wife so that he could marry his daughter, but Augustus was himself involved in may scandals which will make for some interesting research and writing. Take this from a ‘nothing new under the sun’ angle.

Science versus religion

Why has our discovery of an endless universe boosted the creationist argument among religious groups? Is it possible that a transcendent, intelligent designer created time, space and matter? Look at the discoveries of space and relate them to what creationists claim are contradictions to the theory of Darwinian evolution.

Biology and conservation

The prevention of rhino poaching is a hot topic at the moment and South Africans have a lot to say about the subject. Find out what the African perspective is on this sensitive issue and discuss what measures could be taken to prevent rhinos from ending up extinct.

Economic or financial paper

What really constitutes insider trading? With all the Hollywood and TV series hype about the world of trading, research and discuss some of the bizarre aspects around this crime and where the line should be drawn between legal and illegal trade information.

Research paper on education

Technology is being included more and more in first world schools. What are the pros and cons of kids having tablets, smart phones and laptops in the classroom? Consider giving a teacher’s perspective on this subject and even adding a comparative interview with two children who do and don’t have these privileges.

Social history

Do some television programs push a feminist agenda? This research paper will be fun to investigate, delving into old television sitcoms such as The Cosby Show and Who’s the Boss, which were criticized by some and applauded by others for being very feminist in nature.

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