Writing A World History Term Paper: 10 Original Topics To Think Of

Can’t think of an interesting world history term paper topic that will help you impress your teacher and peers? The following list of prompts might give you some original ideas. Remember to choose a topic that you are most interested in. This way, you will be passionate while working on it and be able to create a better paper.

  1. 1. The growth of the Catholic Church from the Dark Ages until today.
  2. This topic covers quite a lot of material, so you can limit the historical period you want to study. The Church has changed, and its position in society has evolved over the centuries. This paper must focus on the most significant dates and events in the history of these changes.

  3. 2. The birth of industrialism and its effect on society.
  4. You should start this paper with a short overview of the Industrial Revolution as a whole and define industrialism. What would the world be like without it?

  5. 3. Results of World War I.
  6. Did the First World War trigger the Second? How did the societies of the affected countries change after it? What is the relationship between the causes and the results of this conflict?

  7. 4. The plague epidemic in Europe and its effects.
  8. Thousands of people died from plague all over Europe. How did this affect the development of medicine? Did the quarantine and other containment measures actually help stop the disease? Are modern protocols of epidemic control different from the ones that existed in the 14th and 17th centuries?

  9. 5. Pirates of the New World.
  10. This paper can be focused on the personalities of pirates, the major battles of this time period, the system of piracy as a whole, or on the measures taken to counter this particular threat.

  11. 6. Ancient Greece: The collapse of civilization.
  12. Why did Ancient Greece lose its glory? Could this downfall have been prevented? Is this the unavoidable fate of every civilization?

  13. 7. The horrors of the Middle Ages.
  14. Societies have changed greatly since those times. Focus this paper on how wild and utterly uncivilized people used to be during the Middle Ages.

  15. 8. The Mongol Empire: A Detailed Study.
  16. How did a nation of nomads manage to create one of the strongest empires of all time? Explain the reasons that allowed the Mongols to conquer half of the world.

  17. 9. Scientific revolutions of the 20th century.
  18. What kind of changes did the development of science bring into our lives over the last decades?

  19. 10. Beauty and ugliness of the Victorian Era.
  20. Study both sides of life during that time, and explain whether this was an era of sophistication or depravity.

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