Expert's Guides on How to Research Paper Topics for College

Finding a topic for your college research paper is one of the toughest parts of writing. Without a good topic, you can’t even begin to work on your paper. Many college students try to pin down their exact topic without any research. They end up frustrated and the whole process is a big headache.

There are specific ways of coming up with a research paper topic for your college paper. These tips can help you find the perfect topic without the hassle and frustration.

Tip 1: Research first

Do some research first. Once you have a main topic idea in your mind, do some research. This will help you find the perfect topic to write about. Be sure to start with a broad topic and then narrow it down. For example, if you decide that you want to write your research paper on World War II, you would start researching this topic until you found a more precise topic to talk about.

Tip 2: Thesis statement

Developing your thesis statement will be essential in determining your topic. The paper could be written in a five paragraph format which means that you should find three major sub topics to prove your main topic. Once you have a topic in mind, try to write your thesis statement using the information that you have found on the topic. If you can’t write a solid thesis statement, ditch the topic.

Tip 3: Not too broad, but not too narrow.

This was touched upon in previous tips but it should be listed on its own because it is essential. You have to pick a topic that is broad enough to get enough information to complete the assignment but not too much that you do not get overwhelmed and side tracked. If you have a topic that has too much information, you won’t be able to properly explain it or research it in the time constraints allowed. You may not be able to write a thorough paper if you have too little or too much data. That means concentrate on a topic that has three solid supporting reasons.

These three expert tips will get you started on your next research paper. Once you have your topic decided, be sure to complete an outline before you start writing. This will make sure that you present the information in a logical manner.

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