How to write a research paper for college without plagiarism

What is plagiarizing?

Plagiarizing is a term defined when a theory, concept, work or prominent statement made by a person is copied and no reference is made regarding the person or his works.

Avoiding plagiarism:

If you are using any information in your research papers, the source of this information must be acknowledged. Such information include:

  • Another person’s ideas, concept, theory or works.
  • Statistics, graphs or inferences, that is not common knowledge
  • A prominent person’s quotes or writings
  • Paraphrase of another person’s quote or writings

Strategies for writing without plagiarizing:

  1. Paraphrasing
  2. Quoting
  3. Summarizing


Paraphrasing is rewriting statements or ideas of an author. While paraphrasing it is important to acknowledge the source and a citation is necessary (ex. Name of author and date of publication).

To write an effective paraphrase, it is necessary to read the text you are going to write about. Make notes while doing so and understand the text precisely. Keep in mind the following while re-writing the text:

  • Use synonyms
  • Change the order of ideas without altering the meaning of the text
  • Change the sentence pattern
  • Make sure your text and the text of the author convey the same meaning
  • Do not misinterpret information


Quoting is defined as using inverted commas around statements to avoid plagiarism and to strengthen your text. Quotes are usually widely-recognized and stated by prominent people.

Quoting should only be used if the statement is popular or if paraphrasing the quote lessens the impact it has on your text.

Adhere to the following while quoting:

  • Never quote extensively
  • Use quotes to strengthen your theories or views.

While using quotes always be sure to acknowledge the source by stating his name and date of publication Use proper punctuation marks when necessary. Place the quotation within the quotes. All punctuation marks must be stated with the quotes.


After writing the main body of the research paper, it is necessary to summarize the contents. Summarizing depends upon the author. The author has the privilege to include or exclude information to evoke a positive response from the readers. The author has to make a decision also depending upon the target audience. While summarizing:

  • Make a list of the important ideas
  • Rank them according to their order of importance
  • Evaluate the ideas for any mistakes
  • Create a summary of these ideas
  • Never forget to acknowledge the source and the author.
  • By using these points, it is possible to write research papers without plagiarism.

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