Vital Tips on How to Write a Prospectus for a Research Paper

It is obvious that you need to put in time and effort while going to write an academic research paper. It is better to outline an essay regarding strategy for your research project.

Writing a prospectus for your research paper is quite tricky task and should include following elements:

  1. Define General Subject: There should be a section defining your general subject, explaining why you chose a particular subject. Why someone who does not know anything about the subject, should bother to read about it?

  2. Issues to focus Upon: You should include a section that identifies the questions/ issues you want to resolve about your research subject. Make it precise and clear as much as possible.
  3. Some general questions such as how the automobile has made the transformation in North America? It gives a little indication how you go answering them. Other specific questions, such as when suburbs began to appear in Los Angeles. It requires for residents to use car for commuting to work. These are more useful as it suggests own way to the solutions.

  4. Do the Research and Put Biases on Assumption: Your answers that may be quite simple, but should be based on a little research most probably will be right and answers that you assume on just the likelihood will be wrong.

    • Putting your biases on paper help accomplishing two tasks namely,

    • It gives a stated position to analyze and criticize while your research proceeds.
    • It also helps identifying your biases.

    • Stating these biases enables to keep a sharp look on any evidence that contradict to your biases.

  5. Bibliographical Essay: It can be of around 3-6 pages long. It describes the documents and resources you want to examine that discuss your research topic.

    • It makes emphasis on,

    • Whether document contributes to your research?
    • For which specific research problem, your documentary resources seems strongest and for which topic, they looks weakest?
    • Make focus on primary material, but keep mention about secondary works, you put in to your research.

  6. Chapter Outline: Chapter outline listing the topics in a sequential manner, you intend to cover in your final research paper. It is the most helpful component of the prospectus, as it crafts the final shape of the argument.

  7. Plan of Action: Finally, the course of plan how you move through these available materials. It defines what you will do first? Assign dates to all the tasks to complete your research on-time.

  8. By writing your research prospectus, you have created a sketch map. It defines your beginning to your research paper. It helps to look back and determines how much you have progressed in your research.

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