My Topic of the Thesis: How Can I Make it Stand Out

Being the center of attention isn’t an easy task for some, in fact it’s very difficult to be the one in the room that everyone flocks too.  But with writing, it doesn’t matter what how much of a  social butterfly you are or the lack thereof those skills, you can always make the document you are working on stand out.  There are ways to make a piece of writing, like the topic of your thesis stand out.  Writing is a skill, just like anything else. Stretching and applying that skill can be difficult, but following some simple tips can make it easier.  

Standing Out

  • One way of making your paper stand out, is to pick out a very specific topic.  When you narrow down what you are writing about for your thesis to something specific, your audience is narrowed and it makes the paper unique.
  • Another tips that will help make your thesis topic stand out is to take a risk.  Risk taking does not always pan out.  But sometimes it pays off in a big way.   Choosing a risky topic, or an unpopular stance on a topic can really make a paper stand out.  Instructors don’t want to read the same topic and opinion forty times.  

  • You should not and can not be boring.  As you write your thesis, you need to have a voice that is charming, smart and funny.  You can impress your reader and instructor by keeping them engaged, by not being completely clinical and boring.  

  • End your thesis with a strong and lasting impression.  One of the most important thing you can do when making your thesis stand out is make it something impressionable.  When you make it memorable, you make your paper stand out.

  • Making your paper grammatically correct and presented well with a splash of awesome it  will make it stand out.  Presenting a clean, well organized paper that is grammatically correct is something that everyone is doing.  But if presented with a non-conformist way, your thesis will stand out and be memorable.

Following these tips can make your thesis stand out above the rest.  You want to be cautious to not smother your own voice, speak academically, but make the thesis your own. Don’t just sound academic only.    Making it special and unique but educational and well researched will make it stand out.  Good luck with making your thesis stand out using these tips.  

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