Looking For A Good Research Paper Executive Summary Sample

You may not have to write many executive summaries during your academic career, but you should be prepared for writing one when you get the assignment. If you enter the business world, you may end up having to write many of these. The paper is a summary of the main ideas or a bigger paper or larger document. This might be needed for an audience who does not have the time to read a bigger paper or document. There are a few things to remember as you look for the perfect example:

Things to Remember

  • - Who is the audience-if you are looking for a model paper, then you will want one that addresses the same audience as you will address. So pinpoint your audience will be from the beginning of your search.
  • - What is the main idea-you want to use an example that clearly spotlights the main idea-this is the point of this piece and you want to select the best sample you can find.
  • - Why are you writing this- what is your end purpose for writing an executive summary? Once you can answer that question then seek a mirror paper that provides a similar solution or goal.
  • - Are there important headings you must address-the headings in the model are indicators of the topic sentences. Will you also include similar headings and are you able to narrow down the main points and present them in heading form?
  • - What do you want from doing this-who will benefit from your executive summary? Will your audience, your boss, your teacher, you, or everyone gain from this? Knowing whom it benefits allows you to write and model with the correct slant.
  • - Will it include a recommendation-if you are provided this abstract then will it include a recommendation. As you look for the samples, see if you can locate one that does have a recommendation and one that does not have one. Seeing both styles will help you to decide if you too wish to include a recommendation.

As you seek a model to mirror and then look to write your own composition, make sure to consider your audience, identify your main ideas, know your purpose, identify the headings, know your goals, and decide if you want to include a recommendation or not. Follow these rules, look online; only model from qualified writers, and your search should be bountiful.

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