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It is not a secret that the choice of your research paper topic can determine not only the paper’s success, but the whole writing process. Some topics seem promising at first, and then you get stuck where you are unable to find reliable resources. Some are too abstract, so you spend hours trying to get to the point. Some make you yawn as soon as you start thinking about them. It is always better to choose a topic related to the things you are passionate about. If you are really absorbed in it, you will be able to introduce part of your passion into the paper and make your target reader really interested too.

The following topics show how interests in cooking can be interlaced with history research. They suggest concentrating on various historic events influenced by certain foods and dishes.

  1. Sugar in the history of American slavery.

    Dwell on the role of this foodstuff in the establishment and consolidation of slavery at the beginning of the previous century.

  2. How did coffee change the history of South American countries?

    Explore the general history of this beverage, and then turn to its history in a particular country.

  3. Food in Anglo-Saxon England: class treatments.

    Study the typical dishes eaten by representatives of different classes. Dwell on the historic events that lead to the introduction of certain foodstuffs.

  4. A social history of a loaf of bread baked in the city bakery.

    Explore the history of this staple food, and the changes introduced to its recipes in different epochs.

  5. Cooking in Victorian England: pretentiousness and simplicity.

    Find out how historical events of the Victorian period changed people’s menus.

  6. Chocolate: the food that changed Medieval France.

    Explore the introduction of new foods in people’s menus; Dwell on the society’s reaction.

  7. Potato: the history of this vegetable on different continents.

    Contrast and comment on the influence the vegetable had in Russia in the 18th century, and in the USA in the 21st century.

  8. How one vegetable could ruin human lives: corn and the Great Depression.

    Explore the causes of the most tragic period in American history.

  9. History of Christmas food: Yule log.

    Go back into the history of the most popular Christmas treat.

  10. Banana: the history of a fruit that changed the world.

    Study the history of the fruit that changed the rural economics of many Latin countries, specifically examples from the history of Ecuador and Columbia.

  11. Boston Tea party: a tragic celebration.

    Explore the event that heralded the period of great social change.

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