How to Write Academic Papers: Avoiding Unacceptable Topics

Writing academic a paper is not as tough as most students think it might be. They are too scared to take initiative, do things on their own, and only rely on what they hear from others. If you are assigned a task that requires writing an academic paper then the first thing you should do is select a topic that is interesting and valid.

Sometimes you have to be very careful while picking a topic, if you do it wrong you will end up being in a mess and your grade even might suffer. If the topic of your paper is not valid then the paper might be rejected and your efforts will be in vain

Here is what you need to know to be able to avoid unacceptable topics

Sit attentive during the lecture

It is important that you listen to your teacher when she is delivering the lecture so that you know how she wants you to write the paper. Most of the times the professors leave clues in their lectures on what they are most likely to grade as an “A”. You should be attentive during the class so that you can understand their preferences

Follow the instructions closely

Note down the instructions during the lecture so that you can follow them later wards. You can even paste them in your study area so that you can keep a track of them while writing your paper

Read samples

You can find good topics on the internet and help guides. You can easily get one at the library or ask your teacher to recommend you one. You will see how to form a topic and how it is structured

Practice your skills

Try rewriting those topics in your own style and words so that you can get enough practice in writing topics. You will understand the breakdown of the topic once you do them on your own

Write a rough draft

Do not immediately go for the first topic you write. Consider this your rough draft and hope for more creativity


Try rephrasing the topic or replacing words with alternatives that will make your topic more interesting and easy to understand

Choose a topic that hooks your reader

Make sure to avoid topics that are too over dragged and can bore your reader


  • Avoid obsolete topics
  • Avoid topics that are controversial or political

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