Creating An A-Grade Research Paper About Vandalism

In order to write an “A”-level research paper about vandalism, you first need to understand what vandalism is. It is a broad term that encompasses many different manifestations. Some of the most easily recognizable forms of vandalism are:

  • - Graffiti, including tagging and bombing, a form of amoral, anti-social demonstration
  • - Burning books
  • - Desecration of graves or cultural monuments
  • - Damaging churches, including pillaging and destruction of icons and paintings
  • - Take a personal approach
  • Most of us have been exposed to some form of vandalism in our lives. We may have witnessed it as it occurred or saw the results of it at our school, at local businesses or our churches. In a research paper on the subject, it pays to not only address what the vandalism was but also to investigate the reasons behind it. In short, try to answer the question, “Why do people vandalize?”

    Tips and tricks to getting that “A”-level paper
    • - Decide what type of paper you want to write. Will your goal be to inform your audience, educate them or analyze data? The content of the paper will differ in accordance with the angle you choose.
    • - Include the personal touch and impress your instructor with your ambition and use of primary source material. Interview local police officers and your city or county district attorney.
    • - Schedule an interview with a psychologist or social worker who has worked with vandals to get a clinical angle on the causes of vandalism behavior.
    • - If possible, set up an interview with someone who actually committed the crime of vandalism. Get their perspective on why they did it.
    • - Take notes during your interviews to refer to when you begin writing.
    • - Research for data on vandalism as a crime locally, in your state and in the nation. Insert graphic representations of that data into your paper.
    • - Scour the internet for suitable pictures of examples of vandalism to include with your research. Providing pictures to go with your written words can make for a powerful impression on your readers.
    • - Write a detailed outline of your topic, including your interview notes and research data.
    • - Once you have your outline, now you’re ready to begin writing. Have your notes handy and a good dictionary/thesaurus on hand.

    Papers on vandalism can be dramatic and visually impressive when you include photos and graphic information. Make certain you don’t cross the boundaries of good taste, however. Keep it civilized: make your point without graphic or offensive displays of destruction.

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