Supporting the claims you made in the thesis introduction

  • You have spent a long time devising your thesis.
  • You are at the point where you are ready to begin writing.
  • You are convinced that your reader will be able to understand the point you are trying to get across.

But the devising the thesis is only the starting point. You now have to write convincingly to win over your reader and you must start by using evidence to support the claims made in your thesis.

It is widely believed that any thesis should have at least three supporting points, however some thesis may need more than three. Each point should have a paragraph of its own. Each paragraph needs to be treated like a mini essay, starting with an acknowledgement to the supporting point, then the introduction, body and conclusion.

The reason why you need to discuss the supporting points separately is that it provides validity and a logic progression to back your thesis. So if your thesis was “All History books only give a one sided view of any historical event”. your task is to prove to the reader that it is very rare for a History book to detail more than one view of a particular historical event. (provable point).

Your introduction will need a background beyond the sweeping statement of the Thesis. Give an example of a point in history where there are two history books written about the same event in history, look at the background of the authors, look at the authors standpoint, make more in-depth comparisons.

Now you need to look for your supporting points in the body of your essay.

  • Point - why do two different authors report the same incident in a different way? Give details and examples. Preferably give three supporting sets of details and example to this point.
  • Point - why is it important to get an unbiased view of historical events. Again, give details and examples. Preferably give three supporting sets or details and example to this point.
  • Point - how can we improve on this to allow readers to make up their own decisions of historical events based on the unbiased text. Again, give details and examples. Preferably give three supporting sets or details and example to this point.

In the conclusion the thesis needs to be reiterated and your supporting points précised. You must also appreciate that some readers of your work may dispute your thesis, so you must be as persuasive and logical in summing up your argument as you were in your Introduction.


  • Have you really targeted the issues that you set out to?
  • Have you cited the sources that you used to develop your argument to support your thesis?
  • Have you taken in to consideration that some readers may oppose your thesis?

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