Creating A Strong Research Paper About Zombies: 5 Points To Consider

A zombie is an undead animal that is a popular creature in voodoo culture, gaming, and American filmmaking. Whether they exist in real or not is a huge debate and you can perform your research and analysis to get to the conclusion. Before you go ahead and write your research paper about a zombie and its existence, it is important that you understand the concept and background behind this approach.

To be able to develop a good understanding of this creature and its whereabouts, you can perform research and evaluate certain religions, books, novels, and movies to see where this came from and what actually originated these ideas. You should consider performing a literature review to understand the concept, need behind this concept, and stay objective during your research.

Topics for research on zombies: what you need to know

Even though you may feel, it is strange to talk about zombies in your academic research paper but it would be definitely a unique idea. Consider the following tips to get a good topic on this subject.

  1. Explore the history
  2. Start exploring the history to find out where this idea originally came from and how you can address it in your paper. The word Zombie officially entered English dictionary in the 18th and 19th century after the essay of a Britain writer Robert Southey. The idea was originally about strolling dead that existed in different cultures and religions since long. In fiction the writer William Seabrook, who gave a description of the Voodoo zombie, introduced the term.

  3. Perform a literature review
  4. Consider the above sources and others to find out the background and history of the subject and what areas still need improvement. You need to stay objective so that you can analyze the concepts easily.

  5. Topics on characters
  6. You can discuss the characters and features of a zombie in your paper. They live on a human body and can have unbelievable speed or power owing to their super natural abilities. Watch movies, read literature, and carry out search to find out more features about this character.

  7. Mythology
  8. Discuss the myths and foolish aspects affiliated to zombies in the recent decades.

  9. Facts and science
  10. You can also argue on the logical and factual aspects of the existence of these creatures. You can argue on what science says about zombies and their possible existence in our world. You may even refer to the future zombie apocalypse and describe what would it look like.

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