5 Tips To Keep In Mind Looking For A Free Research Paper Online

The internet has thousands of free research papers for reference purposes. However, you should be cautious to avoid compromising your academic score. Experts have recommended that you consider the following factors.

  1. 1. Do not Copy
  2. The materials available online are only supposed to be used for reference purposes and not to be copied. Any copied paragraph or work will be considered as plagiarism which attracts very heavy penalties. Institutions have highly sensitive software that detect copied sections and highlights them. Any area that is directly picked from another document should be attributed through quotation or citation.

  3. 2. Reliability of the Sources
  4. Research papers available online are not always reliable. Some are produced by incompetent individuals for commercial purposes. This means that your paper must be retrieved from reliable sources such as libraries and accredited academic resources websites. Unreliable websites are likely to mislead you in terms of formatting style, presentation, citation or bibliography, among other crucial academic areas. Request your teacher to refer you to credible sources or use university websites only.

  5. 3. Cost Vs Quality
  6. The price tag on a sample paper does not determine its quality. There are free papers that meet the highest quality standards in academic while highly priced papers are only available for commercial purposes. Free sources include reputable libraries that allow registered students to download any material. Institutions involved in research also offer a variety of papers. Do not be blinded by the price tag on a paper to mistake it for quality.

  7. 4. Instructions by the Teacher
  8. During the issuance of a research paper, special instructions are issued regarding the topic, length, formatting, presentation, etc. These instructions must be considered when searching online. An example is where the teacher requires you to write a paper in MLA format. This should form part of your search phrase. You will definitely find a similar paper in APA format. Using the latter because the title is similar would be erroneous. Ensure that you consider specific details issued by the teacher.

  9. 5. It is Just a Sample
  10. The papers available online are supposed to guide you in the writing process. They help you in framing the title, citation, referencing and other academic features. The quality of your written paper will depend on how well you use the sample provided. If you do not know how to use a sample, ask your teacher or colleagues for directions.

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