How to write a literature review paper in time

If you are writing a literature paper review and need to ensure you write it on time, you should follow these steps:


You need to make sure that you pick out the topic and do adequate research to gather all related literature in your field. For example, if you are writing a literature review on acupuncture as a treatment method for infertility, you will need to collect all of the relevant literature to date that explains the following:

  • The science behind infertility
  • What stigmas surround infertility and why treatment is important
  • Current treatments (not acupuncture) for infertility, as well as a description of what they do medically and how successful they are
  • What acupuncture is and how it medically assists with infertility
  • Why it is or is not accepted
  • Why it needs to be more widely accepted

This can take a variety of turns depending on your subject or topic. In any case, you need to ensure you have literature to support the claims that you make and that you review things which are relevant. You can include a sentence or single quote from one source so long as it is related to the subject and field and you cite it. But if it does not really relate to the subject of your literature review, you won’t want to cover it.


You need to make an outline for your paper that sets up the aforementioned list and then you need to include the relevant literature in each area. As you write your outline, you should include the data or statistics you will include in every paragraph or page. Make sure that you cite everything appropriately based on your literature requirements. Most courses that require a literature review use APA formatting. If you have a template, set that up ahead of time and then put in the pieces into every appropriate section as you write them. This will ensure you do not miss a section.


Make sure that the topic you cover is not something too broad. If you have a page limit of 5 pages, do not try and cover a topic that would require 20. If you want to cover 30 pages of text you will need to make sure you have enough literature to review to fit the 30 pages. You don’t want to run out of content after 10 pages.

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