American history research paper topics that will make your writing process interesting

Now in case you haven't already noticed, the key word in the topic of this article is interesting. You want an American history research paper topic which will make the writing process interesting. Okay I think we can be pretty sure about understanding the meaning of interesting but the question we need to ask is, for whom is it interesting?

You see the writing process is something that you the student carry out so presumably we’re aiming to find a research paper topic on the subject of American history which really appeals to you, the writer. And that's the key to all forms of writing. If you have an interest or better still a passion in the topic, chances are you will research with more enthusiasm and write with more interest.

But don't forget that this is not a research paper which is created and read only by you. It is to be assessed by an academic and who knows perhaps read by others as well. So the overriding question you must bear in mind as you create your American history research paper is, have I made this interesting for others? So bear those things in mind when you consider one or more of the following topics.

  • What are the consequences today of the practice of slavery in the American colonies?

  • What are the consequences today of the involvement of American troops in the Vietnamese war?

  • Have there been any lasting effects as a result of the American Civil War?

  • What happened to the American economy and to the lifestyle of many of its citizens following the stock market crash in the late 1920s?

  • When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, what did that mean to the foreign policy of America's neighbours?

  • What were the consequences on the movie industry following the McCarthy era and government hearings into un-American activities?

  • What causes powerful groups such as the Ku Klux Klan to be formed?

  • Did Prohibition ever work and would it work today?

  • How has the power of the US President been changed as far as sending the USA to war?

  • What has the US achieved with its space program?

  • Is the US Constitution relevant today in light of the number of guns in the community?

  • What did the Civil Rights Movement achieve and is it still relevant today?

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