In pursuit of helpful suggestions: how to write an MLA paper

The formal way of formatting a paper is MLA format. Most of the high, middle and college students prefer this format. It’s the most appropriate and acceptable format. Here are the guide lines for attempting the correct way of paper.

  1. First of all, you need to open a blank document.

  2. Second step is to extend the margins. Margins should be set to one inch. If you are new to this format, then you should start from clicking tabs as “layout” or “view” or perhaps you can click the ruler, placed on the top of the document.

  3. Now it’s time to set up your fonts. Setting your font to ‘Times New Roman’ and the 12 size should be selected. Different versions of w9ord press document offer different font size and format. As the format mentioned above is of 2003. Whilst on 2007 version the format is different. It’s Calibri 11. You should always set the format before starting it.

  4. Header should be added to the document. After adding up the header to the document, you will type your name. It is not necessary to add page numbers in the footer. Because, they might interfere with the text

  5. Remember to make your heading that includes, your name, your professor’s name, your subject and class, the section of the class, the date (written as day, month, year format)

  6. The topic or the title of the paper should appear on the top. It should be centralized and must follow the same font as rest of the paper. You don’t have to stylize, italicize, bold or underline the title.

  7. If you are including other works in your paper, then be sure to follow the set rules for quoting them. When you quote plays, novels, movies, television shows, or other prominent works, then you should write them in italics, with the first word capital. Poems, parts of essays, short stories, and lesser prominent work should be quoted inside quotations and must be written with first letter capital.

  8. Last thing to check is the overall look and feel of the paper. If you have followed all their specifications for MLA format then you will certainly write a paper that is formatted correctly. If you have written a paper in MLA format before, then you can go to print preview and see if your paper looks like the one you have written before.

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