A list of the best research paper topics that will absolutely bring you a high mark

You have heard it before and no doubt will hear it again. The choice of topic for your research paper is the key to your success. The title of his article talks about a guarantee of success with your research paper because of your choice of topic.

Now of course the topic does play a major role but there are other elements which come into play. You have to research the topic well, you need to create a detailed and well-structured outline, a plan, and you need to write clear and basic English avoiding ambiguity and unnecessary words. But having done all of that, we return to the importance of your research paper topic. Here are a list of several research paper topics all of which are strong, have heaps of research material available and which will enable you to mount a strong case depending on which particular argument you choose to prosecute.

Consider them all. If one or more appeals, make a note of it. When you’ve gone through the list, look at the ones you’ve ticked as possible starters.

  • Will there ever be an end to war?
  • Do the foreign policies of the USA increase the risk of terrorism in that country?
  • Beauty competitions are an antiquated and damaging form of human behaviour.
  • How can we solve the problem of cheap and child labour in many factories?
  • Is there ever any justification for taking the law into your own hands?
  • If all illegal drugs were made legal, would that reduce the use of these substances?
  • Should everyone who makes a comment online be made to identify themselves?
  • Are security measures at airports and invasion of privacy?
  • Who should determine the age of consent?
  • Is global warming a figment of the world of scientists’ imaginations?

  • Don’t forget that one of the best ways of creating research paper topics is to try brainstorming. And brainstorming with others can be even better than on your own. You have a group of people and your goal is to call out [someone has to record the topics] anything you think of. If you want prompts to fire your imagination, have a copy of the day’s newspaper in front of you.

    Topical issues in the news often make for brilliant research paper topics. And when you’re in a group, if someone says Topic X, that can trigger you or another person in the group to come up with a variation of that topic.

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