How to set specific writing goals when you plan a research paper

A good beginning is half of the job.

Everybody knows this saying and everybody has at least once in life experienced the situation, when you have to face an unpleasant situation or do the job you do not like. Every student can relate that when you receive a complicated assignment, the hardest part is to make yourself sit down and start studying. Usually you procrastinate and leave the job till the very last moment. Do you know how to avoid that? We can teach you!

How to make yourself study easily?

If you have an extremely complicated or long paper in front of you, especially if it is a research paper, you always become scared of the amount of work you have to do. You never know where to start or what to do next, how to organize yourself, get confused and decide to let it for later. Familiar? Next time try dividing the job in small parts and set specific goals for each step. It will make your work easily structured and you will no longer be afraid of what stays afoot.

What to remember, when choosing goals?

There are a few secrets to goal-setting you shall never forget.

  1. Divide the job in small parts. It’s easier to start the job if you only need to do one small clear part today. “Read book A” sounds much more acceptable than “Found sources”, doesn’t it?

  2. Be specific. Never accept blurred and vague aims or you will lose yourself again. Form an accurate and understandable step easy to follow. Simple “Start the research” is not enough. “Look through the sources I have at home and determine if I need more” sounds much better.

  3. Set time frames. If you start long before the deadline, you can afford setting deadlines for your small tasks. If you just write the goal plan without any specifics, you will still procrastinate till the last minute. Check your schedule and write in the goals for writing your research paper. “Monday, after 2nd class, look for the sources in the library”. Don’t let yourself move the set goals.

  4. Make sure your goal is doable. Don’t plan to do something if you are not sure you can make it. It is much better to write the introduction today and first part of the main body tomorrow, then make yourself do all in one day and get angry you can’t.

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