Finding Good Topics for a Persuasive Research Paper

Few essays, if any, are perfect. Perfection remains such a subjective ideal that one person may find flaws where another sees pure genius. A good persuasive essay topic will similarly be determined by who is looking at it. Whether or not the writer can even persuade will be similarly determined. While many factors will remain beyond you as a writer, you can create a much more successful persuasive essay topic by following these three rules:

It should be dynamic

A boring persuasive essay automatically falls flat because you need the reader’s interest and attention in order to sway his or her opinion. Pick topics that captivate your readers so that they are more likely to mull over your words and finally agree.

It should be researchable

Anecdotal evidence is great for setting a tone but if it’s all you have, the more shrewd readers will notice and take you less seriously. Make sure that the topic you choose can be supported by irrefutable (or at least somewhat trustworthy) evidence. This is how you make believers out of skeptics and earn better grades.

It should be appropriate

As a writer you will often find yourself walking a fine line between acceptable and unacceptable topics. It doesn’t help that different readers will draw that line in vastly different places. Make sure that the topic you choose will not prejudice your reader against you and result in poor grades or reviews that do not fully represent your talent.

The following are a few good topics upon which persuasive research can be based.

  • Should the consumption of meat be outlawed worldwide?
  • Should walkable cities be used to make cars obsolete?
  • Does crowdfunding represent a credible threat to the banking industry?
  • Should cosmetic surgery only be made available to people who have birth defects or who have been disfigured?
  • Are school systems promoting failure?
  • Should any subjects be compulsory at any level of education?
  • Should deep sea fishing be punished by incarceration?
  • Is the insurance industry more helpful or harmful to its clients?
  • Do the benefits of smartphone technology outweigh the losses?
  • Can the moderates of one religion ever weed out the extremists from their ranks?
  • Are social enterprises just another fad?
  • Can love conquer anything?

It’s possible that a few or even all of these topics did not strike you as appealing. That makes them even better for you to practice on so you can become more skilled at persuasion.

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