Momentary Assistance: Research Paper Topics for College Students

The idea of writing a research paper can seem overwhelming at first. However, once you pick an interesting research topic, the paper basically writes itself! Make sure to pick research topics that are interesting to you and have a good amount of accessible information. Here is a list of 25 research topics that are thought provoking and easy to find information on:

  1. Is the death penalty effective in decreasing crime?
  2. How severely will global climate change affect the country you live in?
  3. How can societies reduce their carbon footprint? What steps have already been taken to achieve this?
  4. Is government regulations effective in controlling population increase (China’s one child policy is a great example of this)?
  5. How have Cold War politics effected globalization?
  6. Are genetically modified foods the answer to ending global hunger, or a serious health risk?
  7. Are developing nations entitled to economic aid from Western nations?
  8. What is currently being done, and what should be done in the future to address the needs and rights of indigenous peoples?
  9. How has the Internet shaped globalization?
  10. How does technology affect human communication?
  11. Is there a health benefit to eating organic foods?
  12. How has industrialization changed the food industry in Western nations?
  13. How effective is the United Nations in stabilizing global economics and politics?
  14. Why has Northern Africa developed at a significantly faster rate than Sub-Saharan Africa?
  15. Why has North America (particularly Canada and the United States) developed significantly faster than Central and South America?
  16. What is causing the global rapid decrease of honeybees, and what are the effects of this change?
  17. What benefits and what threats are presented by the use of nuclear power?
  18. How does media affective the development of young children?
  19. What rights and privileges are incarcerated people entitled to? What should they be entitled to?
  20. How have major religions contributed to globalization and global politics?
  21. What are the benefits and disadvantages of universal health care?
  22. Should the government of a country be responsible for paying for college education for its youth?
  23. What are the benefits and disadvantages of the legalization of Marijuana?
  24. Does exposure to violent media promote violence in real life?
  25. How has the use of social media affected global politics (think Arab Spring)?

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