How to Find a 10 Page Research Paper Example

You will likely have to write an extensive research paper before you graduate. It is very common for instructors to ask you to write one that is at least ten pages in length. A ten page paper seems like a difficult task especially when you usually are wring three to five page papers. The idea is to keep the same format as a regular paper but just expand on each section.

It is a lot easier to write a research paper when you have a solid example to use as a guide. A sample research paper can show you how the author managed to expand the original format into one that included enough information for ten pages.

Where to find examples?

  1. One of the best places to find an example for a research paper is through a professional writing service. There are companies online that offer students professional help with all sorts of papers. They help them actually write the papers or help them edit papers that are already written. In order to compete with all of the other companies offering the same services, they will show samples of the work that they provide. They may have a sample of a ten page research paper that you can use as an example.
  2. Another place to find a sample is through the writing center at your school. Because it is very helpful to have an example to use as a reference, the writing center should have copies of student’s past work that they can give you as an example. This guide will be helpful in making sure that you set your paper up effectively to incorporate enough information to fill your ten page requirement.
  3. Online examples are also available. You can find examples online that are great for this purpose. These examples are a little harder to find and there really isn’t any good way to know whether they are credible so be aware of this factor.

As you can see, there are ways of finding sample research papers that you can use as a guide. They will give you an idea of how to set up your paper and offer you a good guide to follow. When using these samples, it is best to break them down into an outline format that you can use to model your outline against.

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