How to write a methodology section for a research paper in science


It is not necessary for your report to have extraordinary facts or exclusive scientific research to make a compelling research report. It is necessary for you to be concise and informative to make a great report. Methodology is the section of the paper that explains all your goals and the research you have undertaken to achieve those goals.

Here is a sequence to create a great methodology:

  • Write an introduction to your 'Methodology' section. This introduction can consist of a paragraph or at the most two paragraphs. Make sure this introduction specifies all the goals of this research paper and the research you have undertaken to achieve them. You should also specify the various obstacles that might stand in the way of you and your goals. This introduction should not contain the minute facts of your research.

  • The next paragraph should contain the summary of your research methodology. In this paragraph, you mention the various techniques you used for carrying out your research. This paragraph is for the ones who want to know in brief the research techniques you have implemented without the need for the lesser detail. This paragraph should be longer than the introduction. This paragraph must have a distinguished heading of its own.

  • Now it is time for the main part of your methodology report. This section should commence with a heading. In this section, make sure to include all the means of data collection you have used during the research. Use this paragraph to highlight all the data collection. Also state the minute details you have excluded from the previous paragraphs. This paragraph can contain various sub-headings under which you can include the list of the participants, the materials used and the number of days the research was carried out.

  • Continue the methodology extension by elaborating over the data analysis of the input you got. Explain the methods of how you came to conclusions and how you analyzed the data you received. Explain the scientific reasoning behind the deciphering of your data collection in this paragraph. It is recommended for you to include subheadings in this paragraph.

  • After completing the section, make sure you proofread the section and include the methodology section as an independent heading in your index.

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