Tips For Freshmen: Is It Safe To Use Cheap Term Papers?

As a freshman, everything can seem new and overwhelming. You’ll be expected to do more work, with less oversight, than at any other time in your life so far. Keep in mind that it’s for your own good: the tools you will learn in your freshman year will carry throughout the rest of your academic career. That being said, the temptation to take some of the pressure off by outsourcing your term papers to professional writers can be very strong. The biggest question on your mind is probably: is it safe? The short answer to that is, no. Buying a term paper will never be as safe as writing your own paper. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to make it safer and almost risk-free.

  • Beware of scams. Always research a paper writing service before trusting them. In this modern age, it’s easy to find real reviews from real people who have used the company before. Don’t trust the testimonials and reviews that the company advertises: they are only going to use the good ones, and they might even be fake! Take the extra time to find real reviews that speak for or against the company so you can be sure you don’t get scammed.
  • Always read the paper before handing it in. Always, always, always read the paper before you hand it in. If the paper is rife with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and bad sentences, you’re not going to get a good grade. So do your own editing and save yourself the humiliation of a bad grade on a paper you paid for!
  • Check for plagiarism. Use an online plagiarism checker before handing in your paper. There are websites that will analyze the keywords in your paper and check for similar content on the internet. Many times, professors use these tools themselves to check for plagiarism. If you find that a lot of the paper you’ve received is extremely similar to other content online, you’re going to want to make sure to complain to the company or individual, and re-write the paper. A lot of the time these companies or people will just take your money and shrug, so you might find yourself having to write the paper yourself, anyway. One good thing, however, is that you can just re-structure and re-word the paper you’ve paid for, which is a lot less work than doing the research and coming up with the ideas by yourself.
  • Don’t buy term papers habitually. It’s okay to buy a term paper once in a while, especially if it’s for a class that doesn’t relate to your major and you just don’t have time to spend all the time and energy the paper requires. But don’t make a habit of it! Not only can this get expensive in the long run, it also stops you from learning the essential skills you will need to succeed as you move through college.
  • Edit the paper to make it sound more like your voice. Turning in a great paper at the start of the semester can lead to better grades for the rest of the semester. Studies show that when teachers are impressed by the first paper you hand in, they are more likely to be generous with grades for the rest of your papers. However, if you’ve bought a paper, you will always want to edit it before handing it in to reflect your own particular style and voice. Rewrite sentences the way you would typically write them, and throw in some of your own personality. Otherwise, your teacher might get suspicious by the change in voice!

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