A List Of Good US History Research Paper Topics On The 20th Century

With all of the conflicts in the Middle East and the clear and present danger that Russia poses to stability in the world, it is easy to forget that the Twentieth Century was a particularly active time in US history. It is very easy to get consumed by modern history and rather than wincing when asked to write a research paper on Twentieth Century history, students should embrace the opportunity that they are being given. If you are struggling for some inspiration. Hopefully, my list will help you:

  • - How did the First and Second World Wars impact upon the American Economy. Can any economic parallels be drawn with recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • - Was America’s late entry into the Second World War an act of cowardice? Explore the reasons behind the calculations not to get involved earlier. What was the catalyst that took the country to war?
  • - 1920’s America must have been an exciting place to live. Explore the decade which brought Flapper Girls and Prohibition to the attention of the American People.
  • - Examine how the audacity and charisma of gangsters like Al Capone, inspired Hollywood and criminals alike. Has there ever really been another Capone?
  • - The Assassination of JFK. Explore the politics behind the slaying of arguably the most popular President in American history.
  • - What prompted President Wilson’s move from America’s policy of isolation to inclusion at the start of the First World War? How has this shaped American policy in the intervening years?
  • - Was the Vietnam War a defining moment in American History? What lessons if any were learned? Has any been repeated?
  • - Explore the role of women during the first and second world war and how that contrasts and compares with women serving in theaters of war around the world today.
  • - The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Examine the triggers and fallout of the crisis.
  • - Examine how the success of Operation Desert Storm changed the face of American warfare.
  • - There is a perception in some quarters of the world that America is a bully. Examine how twentieth-century conflicts fed that notion. What if anything can be done about this? Are Americans happy to assume the role of world police?
  • - The history of junk food in America. Explore how this feeds into the current obesity crisis.

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