How to Finalize a Thesis to Make it Stand Out

When an instructor assigns one topic for the entire class, one wants to make sure his or her topic stands out and that the thesis is unique. There are some simple tips for approaching a topic differently, so that your thesis is pleasantly different.

Consider the Person Behind the Concept

When given a science paper on an invention or a persuasive paper on a historical event, consider the people behind the event, invention, or action. In addition to persuading or informing, think of how that major person contributed and impacted the subject. Some questions you might answer are:

  • What background did the person have
  • What was the force behind the person
  • Would have the action been different with a different person
  • Was the person’s final impact negative or positive
  • Who influenced the person

Talk to Your Instructor; Know What He or She Likes

Know your instructor. Some teachers do not like a unique thesis or unusual concepts. Make sure you know your teacher very well. Do not hesitate to ask for ideas or take your list of ideas to your instructor to seek feedback. He or she may have an unusual idea/thesis for you to explore.

Explore the Time Period

Look at the time period of the event, book, or movement that you are writing your report about for the assignment. Ask questions about that time period and explore the answers. The answers may be what makes your /thesis paper different from other papers in the class. Some queries might be:

  • What other major events happened at that time
  • Did the time period affect the end result
  • If the happening was placed at another time, what would have the results been
  • Did the event drastically change the time period

The Five Questions

Explore the five questions that every reporter is taught to ask when on the beat or covering a subject…

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

These questions seem obvious, but often are overlooked. Make sure you cover the obvious questions and the accompanying answer with your unique twist and voice.


Each writer has a voice and tone specific to him or her; embrace this tool to create a unique thesis. But do make sure you weed out any negative writing habits that could detract from your style. This voice and tone and how you use them will also help you to have a unique approach and thesis for any topic you are assigned.

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