5 Secrets To Writing A Great Research Paper Introduction

Research papers are hard enough with all of the research that’s involved in writing the paper let alone having to write a few sentences compelling enough to get your audiences interested in your topic. The introduction to a research paper lays the groundwork for displaying all of the hard work that was put into proving your theory. Here are the five secrets to writing a great research paper introduction.

  1. 1. Write the introduction last.
  2. It might sound strange to be writing the introduction to your essay after you’ve completed the rest of the essay but this is the best way to fully summarize what your paper is about. Once completing the research and the body of the paper, the theory has either been proven or disproven by the evidence provided in the essay. The intro can now clearly summarizes the overall meaning to the reader before getting into the details to back it.

  3. 2. Don’t use generic introduction statements
  4. It a common mistake by writers to use generic statements as their introductory sentence as a way of easing the reader into the topic. Some of these could include philosophical statements like “scientists have often wondered…” The contribution the paper has should be interesting enough there isn’t a need for unnecessary fluff in the paper or as some writer would call it “clearing the throat.” They are useless statements that don’t teach you anything about the subject.

  5. 3. State your results
  6. It might feel like you’re giving away the ending to an unsolved mystery before even having to dive deeper into the paper to find out but It’s important for the reader to know what goals and main results were so that they know what the purpose of the paper is. Introduce the facts in your introduction in the order that you’re going to present them in the body of the essay.

  7. 4. Make in interesting for all
  8. While introducing the purpose of your essay it make it more relatable to more people if you show the theoretical and the practical uses of the research in the real world.

  9. 5. Put your thesis statement last
  10. By putting your thesis statement as the very last sentence in your introductory paragraph it ensures the reader of the purpose of the paper. Introductions can become several paragraphs long and tend to lose focus on what the paper is ultimately trying to prove. This theses statement clarifies what the rest of the paper is going to be about.

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