Preparing for a Meeting With a Research Paper Tutor

Writing a research paper can be an overwhelming process. Even the best writers become blocked at some point. When this happens, meeting with a research paper tutor can help students to get back on track. Before going to the meeting, students should follow these tips to make sure that they are fully prepared to talk with the tutor.

Where is the Essay Currently at?

Before meeting the tutor, students need to know exactly what their essay is about. Students should be able to describe the work that they have already completed and what needs to be finished. Likewise, the student must also be able to explain the tasks that are currently troubling them. If students are clear about the problems with their essay, the tutor will be better able to offer advice and assistance.

Bring an Outline and Draft

If the paper is not complete yet, an outline will show the tutor where the essay is headed. This better enables them to offer assistance in creating the remainder of the outline. If students have not created an outline yet, bringing in the general topic idea and a couple of paragraphs about the topic will help. In addition to preparing an outline, students should bring in a clean copy of any draft that they have. It should be spell checked in advance so that the tutor does not have to be distracted by errors.

Ideally, two drafts should be brought in that are double-spaced. The first draft should be left completely blank so the tutor can write on it. With the second draft, students should separate the essay into the body, conclusion and introduction. The main point should be highlighted. If there are several sections to the essay, the main point of each should be highlighted as well. Additionally, key concepts should be highlighted throughout the paper and any problem areas should be marked. By doing this, students make it easier for tutors to instantly spot the topic of the essay and find any errors.

Remember the Assignment Sheet

In addition to bringing in the essay, students need to make sure that they bring in the assignment sheet. This helps provide the tutor with a direction for the essay. It also enables them to see if the essay is headed in the right direction. If the essay does not follow the assignment guidelines, the tutor will be able to edit it.

Once the meeting arrives, students need to listen carefully to what the tutor says. Each student should make sure that they leave with a plan of action for writing. If the tutor does not recommend specific steps, students must ask for it.

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