Who Can Help You Write an APA Format Research Paper

Writing an APA formatted research paper is a requirement for nearly every student in high school and college. This research paper style is used in history, psychology, and other social science courses. While using this style requires attention to detail, students do report that it does get easier to use the style with practice. Students do find it helpful to use tutoring sites as a way to better understand APA and how to best use the formatting style in a research paper.

Look for Samples to Use as Templates

One of the best ways to use an APA tutoring site is to find one that offers sample papers. It is never recommended to turn in the sample papers as your own for a grade, because your instructor will know you have plagiarized. The best way to use a sample paper is as a template. This way you can see what the header and title page formatting should look like. You can also see different ways to use in-text citations and how those citations refer to the works cited pages. You can see what an appendix should look like and whether or not you need to include an abstract. You can also use the paragraph lengths and subheading ideas for your paper, too.

Hire a Tutoring Site to Proofread

Another good use of a tutoring site is for proofreading. When you spend hours working on a paper, you tend to overlook the mistakes simply because you can no longer look at the paper with fresh eyes. If you can find a tutoring site that will do a good proofreading, you can ask the proofreader to check your APA usage. A proofreader will quickly see if you have missed punctuation in your works cited entries or if you have not used the right formatting for your in-text citations. Then, you can make the corrections and possibly even find other errors to fix.

Use the Free Proofreading Apps

There are several sites that use an app to proofread papers. These are usually free and they will proofread at a particular academic level and formatting style. You simply copy and paste your paper into the app and let it go to work. The app will find errors and make suggestions. In many cases, the suggestions are usable, but as the human, you have to be the judge. These are not cheating sites, but useful proofreading sites that can make a big difference in the word choice, punctuation, and grammar choices you made while writing.

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