Being a Professional when Writing Your Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be a intimidating task but with the knowledge of how to write a research paper, it will go a lot smoother.  I will outline the easiest way to write a perfect research paper.

Where to Start?

Most students fail at research papers because they don’t know where to start or procrastinate on starting the process.

  • Step 1: Start early.  Starting early can give you enough time to put all you have in the paper and gives you a better chance of doing well.

  • Step 2: Make a schedule to keep yourself on track.  Some of the work might go off schedule; like one part may take longer then you thought or a part might not take as much time as you thought.  Sometimes it just evens out that way.

  • Step 3: Research, you have your topic and your plan is laid out, now you have to find out the information on the subject. Before you start this process make sure you have your thesis statement and where you want to go with the subject.  This will cut your research down so you can focus more on the content of the paper.

  • Step 4: Your research is done and now you are ready to start writing.  Create a detailed outline before you even begin to write it.  This will give you a clear picture of what your paper will look like and help you spot weak content in your paper.

  • Step 5:  Write the first draft.  When starting the first draft of anything you write, you want to keep going and not think too much about it.  Let the ideas flow and get them down on the paper.

  • Step 6:  Now that you have poured your heart out in the first draft, now you need to revise and proofread the paper.  You need to find weak areas of the paper and as well as spelling and grammar errors.

  • Step 7: Write the final draft.  You have made all the corrections and filled in the blanks you missed the first time.  Now you have to polish it up and make it perfect.

After you have put your finishing touches on the paper there are some things to keep in mind while finishing the final paper.  Is your thesis clear? Do you make valid points and not lose the reader?  Did I cite everything and not plagiarize?  The little details like this can put your paper way off the mark and you don’t want to do that.

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