How to Write a Scholarly Research Paper in No Time

An academic schedule that is full of assignments can be frustrating and overwhelming. Then if a teacher assigns you an essay, your plate is overflowing. Do not worry; you can break your paper up into segments that are easy to manage. You can write a paper in no time at all.

30 Minutes

Think of your assignments in thirty-minute increments. This will allow you to insert work time throughout your day. By using small work times, you are not overwhelmed, but the paper can be finished in no time.

Tablets and Laptops

If you carry a laptop or tablet with you regularly, you will find the writing becomes even easier. Open a document where you can cut and paste research. Make sure you scoop up the citation at the end of the article (for you bibliography page).

In between class and at free times, scan the articles and color-code them with the highlighting tool. The colors should be matched with the different main points of your thesis. So, if main point has blue as its designated color, you will then highlight all support for main point one in baby blue.

Delete the articles that do not apply as you encounter them. You do not need to keep something that you will not use. You can use the laptop and or the tablet to conduct research.


Move the outline to a word document. Make the statements on the outline (make sure you keep a copy) into sentences. Start writing and refer to your sources when you need support. You can remove the highlighting at a later date. Do not delete any of your sources because you will need to properly cite the source in the paper. Additionally, do not worry too much about grammar or sentence structure.

Hire a Professional

Once you have written this colorful rough draft, schedule at least three hours with a writing tutor. That tutor should be able to help you make this rough and colorful paper into a solid essay with valid sources. At this point, the tutor and you are merely smoothing go out a very rough draft.

This entire process of researching and writing your paper can take less than a week if you are diligent. You need to make sure you schedule your tutor far ahead of time. Not getting tutoring time will throw off your schedule. Good luck!!

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