The 18 Best Term Paper Topics In Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a very difficult course, even for the best students. You need to apply principles from different areas of study and combine them to create a device that actually works. If your dream is to invent devices that will help other people, you need to know how much work you will have to do. Your term paper might seem simple, but it’s not. To choose a manageable topic, check out this list:

  1. System management. Describe the entire process, and what things an engineer needs to watch out for. There are many important elements that can destroy an entire project.

  2. Electric cars. There are prototypes on the market, but most of them are not completely convenient. What are the details that could be adjusted?

  3. Solar energy. Many people think that in the future solar panels will be our only source of energy. Is this beneficial for our planet?

  4. Reducing the pollution. What measures can people apply to reduce the pollution caused by their cars?

  5. Human robots. Many engineers are working to build a robot that can move and act as a human. Do you consider this an evolution, or a danger for the human race?

  6. Industrial food. If a few years ago the food was made in the kitchen, now most of it is made in the factory. Do you think that processed food is a solution for global hunger?

  7. Replacing human labor with machines. For sure this is a solution to reduce the costs, but it would be a disaster for many poor countries.

  8. Fuel-efficient vehicles. What system could be implemented to reduce transportation costs?

  9. Gold mines exploitation. Is the environment damaged? How could we prevent this?

  10. Reducing manufacturing costs. Is this possible?

  11. Airbags. Implementing a new system that would make cars more secure.

  12. Bomb detectors. How are these used?

  13. Automatic pilot. Is it safe to ride in a car that is controlled by a computer?

  14. Internet infrastructure. Present some valid solution on how could we install internet all over the world.

  15. Space ships. Make a description and explain how these function.

  16. Artificial Satellites. What are they good for? How are we using them?

  17. Nanorobots. Is this the future of robotics?

  18. Microsurgery. Describe a device that is used for this kind of interventions.

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